About Us

Fruits Fusion is a unique/themed juice & smoothie Bar in Lagos, Nigeria. Serving fresh and instantly blended fruits – A fruit drink that is healthy and tastes great! We hold tenaciously to, and live everyday for our philosophy of eating as real, as fresh and as raw as possible. Eating as close to nature as it can gives us the nutrients and energy we need to love the life we live.

That’s why if it grows on a tree or in the ground, we’ll juice it (well, maybe not everything).

Our Mission

  • “to provide a healthy,tasty and refreshing experience with our 100% natural fruit juices and smoothies to drink in and take away. To serve and satisfy the nutrition needs of health conscious consumers through the high quality of our products. We contribute to make Nigeria a healthier city”
  • “each customer will receive a custom made drink, which will be delivered with a smile and a thank you, ensuring that each customer will feel as good on the outside as they do on the inside”

Our Vision

To be perceived as the provider of the most delicious, convenient and healthy grab and go alternative in Nigeria

Our Brand Proposition

Fruits Fusion is the most convenient, fresh and tasty option to nurture and energize your body and immune system at a relatively inexpensive price